CLUTCH Tension Strap - 26 in | 650 mm
CLUTCH Tension Strap - 26 in | 650 mm
CLUTCH Tension Strap - 26 in | 650 mm
CLUTCH Tension Strap - 26 in | 650 mm
CLUTCH Tension Strap - 26 in | 650 mm
CLUTCH Tension Strap - 26 in | 650 mm
CLUTCH Tension Strap - 26 in | 650 mm

CLUTCH Tension Strap - 26 in | 650 mm

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The 26” Tension Strap is best for larger projects and heavy-duty needs.

Super tough and flexible, even at cold temperatures, CLUTCH Tension Straps are more versatile and reliable than zip ties or duct tape, and it’s always a good idea to have a few with you.

  • Non-marring, non-conductive, strong grip, holds tight
  • Works in extreme temperatures: Down to -40F and up to 250F
  • Incredibly strong: Holds up to 90lbs
  • Lightweight: 32g
  • Adjustable: Min diameter 16.25mm, max diameter 190mm
  • Materials: Polyurethane strap and fiberglass-filled nylon buckle
  • Dimensions: 20X650mm
  • Designed in Canada

Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews
Terry T. (Vancouver, CA)
Sorry about 3 stars...I take it back

I gave the product 3 stars prior to a 35 day 1600km trip bike trip. The Clutch straps performed flawlessly. I found uses for all 3 sizes. I still believe a 30" strap could be useful but maybe there is a reason they don't make them that long. I wish I could buy more 24" straps right now but they're sold out. You can remove my previous review, I tried but could not.

Hi Terry, thanks for sending in an update! Its so good to hear that you're loving your straps and that they came in handy on your bike trip. Happy adventuring!

Customer (Halifax, CA)
Work great!

Did the job, time will tell how long they last.

s.b. (North Vancouver, CA)
So versatile

I’ve used these for years to keep my skis together. I now use them for most applications when I need to secure something.

- My bike lock to my bike, I then wrap the strap around the wheels to make it more annoying if someone tries to steel it
- spare tube to my bike
- secure tarps for camping
- secure items in the truck
- hang stuff from trees while camping

You think about it they can secure it!

Anonymous (Brookside, CA)

These straps are awesome super strong giving you the chance to really bind things together.

Dan (Toronto, CA)
Great product!!

I really like the clutch straps. They are soft and flexible, smooth and flat so you can slide between things. The latch is super simple but I haven’t had one slip out yet. I bought a few of each size because it was my first purchase. The long ones are still sitting on the bench and I could have used the shorter sizes five times over. The only improvement I could recommend was have another graphic to aid in wrapping to ensure you have them in the correct way. For ex. I am using two on lawn chairs, they need to wrap logo out to use the buckle but the logo is at the buckle end so you can’t see it. These straps replaced the “One Tie” reuseable zip ties I had been using in a few spots. The clutch straps are a far superior product and function better in every way. I got them on the Father’s Day sale at an incredible price. I will be ordering more!!