CLUTCH Tension Strap - Olive
CLUTCH Tension Strap - Olive
CLUTCH Tension Strap - Olive

CLUTCH Tension Strap - Olive

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Super tough and flexible, even at cold temperatures, CLUTCH Tension Straps are more versatile and reliable than zip ties or duct tape, and it’s always a good idea to have a few with you.  Our camo-inspired Olive colour option is ideal for tactical applications, or simply for a more low-profile look.

Available in three convenient sizes.  The 16” Tension Strap is ideal for cords, pvc, and smaller gear in the field. The 20” Tension Strap is the go-to strap size for most needs in the field or at home. The 26” Tension Strap is best for larger projects and heavy-duty needs.

  • Non-marring, non-conductive, strong grip, holds tight
  • Works in extreme temperatures: Down to -40F and up to 250F
  • Incredibly strong: Holds up to 90lbs
  • Lightweight: 24g / 27g / 32g
  • Adjustable: Min diameter 16.25mm, max diameter 100mm / 150mm / 190mm
  • Materials: Polyurethane strap and fiberglass-filled nylon buckle
  • Dimensions: 20X400mm / 20X500mm / 20X650mm
  • Designed in Canada


Customer Reviews

Based on 42 reviews

After using them to strap stuff down on my bike for an entire summer (over 3200km of cycling) and they have not broke, stretched or ever come undone. They have also been a big time saver, takes seconds to strap something down vs using rope/bungie cord/regular strap ect. I would definitely recommend getting these.
And the fact that they are made in Canada is awesome!

James (Squamish, CA)
Works well

Works as advertised. The straps are strong and grippy. Only thing I wish they had is a little clasp / band to hold the excess material. You can make do with a rubber band instead but it's not as affective. But overall good.

norm s. (London, CA)
Smart harness system

These are easy to use and secure easily and fully.
I look forward to using these a lot.

Trevor L. (Edmonton, CA)
Handy straps

Quick and easy to use

So easy to keep with you

I had an issue a few years ago where my suitcase exploded open on the airport baggage belt. I had one more flight to go and had to by an overpriced airport suitcase just to get home. I just travelled to Australia last week and brought this with me as a just in case. It ended up having many unexpected used like attaching my phone and switch to the plane food tray to watch and also to strap my bags together while walking the airport and streets. I will always travel with this now.